Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine with Envelope

Product Introduction

We have rich experience in this Vertical Injection Pump Shisha Hookah Packing Machine, wet noodle packing machine, tea box packing machine industry, and we can stand on the market demand and the individual needs of customers, and put forward a profound understanding of the market and services. We attach great importance to the construction of the talent team, and regard the talent-strengthening enterprise as one of the major strategies of the group. We have a long-term relationship with many companies at home and abroad and become partners of many domestic companies. Our company has been adhering to the concept of one hand on scientific and technological progress, one hand on market service, two wheels driving strategy for many years. We rely on scientific and technological progress, relying on technical management advantages, and constantly improve and develop new products.


Pyramid Triangle Tea Packing Machine is suitable for one-time packaging of tea, coffee, herbal medicine, and other filtered small particles and powder materials inside and outside the bag. It can automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, slitting, counting and other functions. Packing with lifting line, and with labeling device. All contact parts with packaged materials are made of 304 stainless steel or non-toxic materials, safe and pollution-free, in line with food hygiene requirements.

Our Pyramid Triangle Tea Packing Machine dosing system uses either an adjustable volumetric cup or an electric scale, depending on the final packaged product, and we will recommend the most suitable system. The machine is PLC controlled, with adjustments done via color touch screen, inverter for easy speed changes, and servo motor drive for accuracy and power. In addition, its intelligent and advanced temperature controller controls the temperature very accurately and ensures the most beautiful sealing effect. It also has no film automatic stop and alarm function. The photoelectric tracking system guarantees the most accurate tracking and the same and complete company logo.

How Does Pyramid Tea Bag Machine Works:

The process cycle of tea bag has been specially designed by engineers with precise aim of following each single action or production step, begining with the use of individual packaging material reels such as tag, filter material, as well as cotton thread, resulting in a very easy accessible linear structure. From the forming of filter bag material tube complete with tag and cotton thread and passing through the first vertical sealing & cutting station, a subsequent filling once, then. through the second horizontal sealing & cutting. finally each filter bag takes shape step by step and ready to be processed in the next packaging station such as overwrapping or cartoning. each single move is controlled through the PLC.

QUALIPAK pyramid tea bag packing machine adopts ultrasonic sealing and cutting technology, compared with traditional heat-sealing system, it has the advantage of energy saving, no use of expensive packing materials. you can even able to run regular nylon mesh roll. non-woven. paper tag and cotton thread. significant savings, in addition, machine equips with two-way sensor which detect defects of tag on the filter, automatic recognition and tracking, thus minimizing down time. Responding to the latest market trends. it allows the use of biodegradable materials for a complete eco-friendly package. For the different tea packaging applications, except for the standard multihead vibrating weighing system. QUALIPAK engineers have designed optional volumetric cup, auger. linear. etc for you aswell.


Technical specifications
Bag type3 side sealing/outer bag/inter bag
Sealing typesealing and cutting by ultrasonic
Packing speed40-70bags/min
Filling range5-15g, accuracy:+/-0.5g
Air supply0.6Mpa(can be equipped with air compressor)
PowerSingle Phase,220V,50HZ,3.7KW
Machine weight600kg

Application :

Tea packing machine is suitable for tea. Such as bulk tea, herbal tea, health tea, flower tea and other internal and external bags are disposable packaging.


We insist on honesty and dedication as the foundation, innovation in science and technology as the driving force, and dedication to society with quality Bg in Stock Easy to Use Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine with Envelope. With the market competition concept of “technology, quality, value and win-win”, our product quality and service are trusted by our customers. We use the ever-changing environmental protection technology, our products have strong visual impact, accurate and meticulous.

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