Automatic Nylon Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Product Details

1. Feeding: The tea leaves are fed into the machine’s feeding hopper, where they are automatically weighed and distributed into individual portions.

2. Bag forming: The machine uses a roll of pyramid-shaped filter paper to form the tea bag. The filter paper is first cut to the desired size and then folded and sealed to create the pyramid shape.

3. Filling: The tea portion is then dropped into the pyramid-shaped filter paper, which has already been formed by the machine.

4. Sealing: The machine uses heat and pressure to seal the edges of the pyramid-shaped filter paper to enclose the tea portion inside the tea bag. The string and tag can also be attached at this stage.

5. Cutting: The machine cuts the tea bags from the roll of filter paper.

6. Packaging: The finished tea bags are then collected and packaged into sachets or cartons for storage and transportation.

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